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The genesis of this podcast came from serendipity and acting on an opportunity, something we talk a lot about on the show. There was no intention to start a podcast, but we both felt there was a gap in the market.

We wanted to uncover practical insights and helpful tips from practitioners operating today in both startups and corporate innovation. We also wanted to bring those two worlds together so both sides can learn from each other.

Most of all we wanted to have fun. We don't want this to be yet another stuffy, boring, business podcast. We want you to get to know us, our guests, and hopefully occasionally smile as you listen along.

You can let us know if we are achieving everything we set out to do via our social media channels, or most helpfully you can leave us a 5 star review on your podcasting platform of choice which will help others discover us.

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I'm known as The Geek Whisperer as I work in tech startups and corporates enabling geeks at all levels from engineer all the way up to CTO and CEO get buy-in from others. I am particularly interested in enabling engineers and scientists get commercial awareness.

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During my career I have worked in Corporate Innovation at O2 & Telefonica, and have experienced the fabled Unicorn journey with San Francisco based startup, Twilio. Today I run The Bradfield Centre in Cambridge, where we help tech companies scale.

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